Concerts and Workshops

We are presenters of Community Concerts; Multiple greater Portland area venues, The Wee Ceili Room and larger venues in the Greater Portland area! Scroll on down and see what is in the horizon!! TICKETS at the door or on (Please note, tickets for the Wee Ceili Room concerts are not at the door. Reservations only).

Where the music happens in the Cul an Ti of our home!

Past concerts we have hosted:

November 2007,  Randal Bays & Daithi Sproule
January 2008,  Lisa Ornstein & Andre Marchand
February 2008,  Kevin Burke & Cal Scott
February 2008,  Caoimhn O’Raghallaigh
May 2008,  Nancy Curtin, Hanz Araki and Cary Novotny
May 2008,  Bridgetown with Johnny Box Connolly, Dave Cory and Cary Novotny
October 2008,  Hanneke Cassel with Christopher Lewis and Ariel Friedman
November 2008,  CRUMAC with Dale Russ, Tom Creegan and Mike Saunders
January 2009,  Circled by Hounds with Matthew Hayward, Kathryn Claire, Sarah Dee and Vash and Colleen Raney with Hanz Araki and Cary Novotny
February 2009,  Jim Malcolm, Burns up America, tribute to Rabbie Burns
March 2009,  Randal Bays with Dave Marshall and Aine Meenaghan
May 2009,  Rebecca Lomnicky, David Brewer and Cary Novotny
August 2009,  Noel Hill
October 2009,  Lissa Schneckenburger and Bethany Waickman
October 2009,  Leo Mac Namara and Aurora Burd
December 2009,  Andy Irvine
December 2009,  A Winter Solstice Celebration w/ Hanz Araki, Colleen Raney, Kathryn Clair, Matthew Hayward-MacDonald and Cary Novotny, Flickr link of the show
January 2010,  Randal Bays and Davey Mathias
January 2010,  Golden Bough
March 2010,  Teada
April 2010,  Laurence Nugent with Nancy Conescu
May 2010,  John Doan
July 2010,  Tannahill Weavers
July 2010,  Molly’s Revenge
August 2010,  Noel Hill
October 2010,  Fingal
November 2010,  Peter Yeates
November 2010,  Irish Christmas in America, The Show
December 2010,  Whispering Roses
January 2011,  Bridgetown with Johnny Connolly, Dave Cory and Cary Novotny
February 2011,  Jim Malcolm
March 2011,  Stringed Migration with Elizabeth Nicholson, Bob Soper, Eddie Parente and Rob Barrick
March 2011,  Seamus Begley and Oisin Mac Diarmada
April 2011,  Leo Mac Namara and Tom Creegan
May 2011,  Lisa Ornstein and Dan Compton
July 2011,  Susan McKeown and Ryan McGiver
October 2011,  Leo Mac Namara and Aurora Burd
October 2011,  Kevin Burke
November 2011,  Grainne Murphy and Kathleen Boyle
November 2011,  Randal Bays and Davey Mathias
November 2011,  Colleen Raney and Johnny Connolly
December 2011,  Hanz Araki, Winter Solstice Celebration with Kathryn Claire, Jody Katopothis, Cary Novotny, Matty Sears, Joe Trump, Matthew Hayward-MacDonald and AnnaLee Foster
December 2011,  Nancy Conescu and Matthew Hayward-MacDonald
January 2012,  Molly’s Revenge w Rebecca Lomnicky and Colleen Raney
January 2012,  Hanz Araki and Kathryn Claire
February 2012,  Laurence Nugent w Cary Novotny and Danny O’Hanlon
February 2012,  Elizabeth Nicholson and Bob Soper
March 2012,  John Doan
March 2012,  Peter Yeates
April 2012,  Golden Bough
April 2012,  Kevin Carr
May 2012,  Hanneke Cassel, Ryan McKasson and Cali McKasson Kovin
May 2012,  Johnny Connolly and Cary Novotny
August 2012,  Dana Lyn and Kyle Sanna
August 2012,  Noel Hill
October 2012,  Grainne Murphy and Kathleen Boyle
October 2012,  Colleen Raney and Casey Neill
October 2012,  Nuala Kennedy and Kyle Sanna
November 2012,  Little Black Train
November 2012,  Paddy O’Brien with Dale Russ and Nancy Conescu
November 2012,  AnnaLee Foster-Driscoll
December 2012,  Bronnie Griffin, Johnny B. Connolly, Cary Novotny, Bob Soper and Elisabeth Nicholson
December 2012,  Jack Dwyer
January 2013,  Foghorn Stringband
January 2013,  Bronnie Griffin and Cary Novotny
February 2013,  Jim Malcolm
February 2013,  Peter Yeates
March 2013,  Johnny B Connolly, Dale Russ and Cary Novotny
March 2013,  Eddie Parente and Thom Dudley
April 2013,  Rio con Brio, Marla Fibish, Bruce Victor and Kieran Jordan
April 2013,  NAIA with Nicole Rabata and Danielle Paus with Hanz Araki, Kathryn Claire and Cary Novotny
May 2013,  Syncopaths with Ryan McKasson, Ashley Broder, Christa Burch and Jeff Spero
May 2013,  Whispering Roses
May 2013,  The Foghorn String Band
May 2013,  Seamus Begley and Oisin Mac Diarmada
June 2013,  Ann Kirrane, Gerry Hanley and Kyle Alden
June 2013,  Jeana Leslie, Siobhan Miller and Aaron Jones
August 2013,  Noel Hill
August 2013,  Joey Abarta, Dave Cory, Jaclynn O’Riley and Brian Hart
October 2013,  Rio con Brio
October 2013,  Colleen Raney with Johnny B Connolly and Sean Earnest
November 2013,  Tillers Folly
December 2013,  John Doan
January 2014,  Story Road
January 2014,  Andrea Beaton, Dick Hensold and Dirk Freymuth
February 2014,  Jim Malcolm
February 2014,  Jim Malcolm
February 2014,  Golden Bough
March 2014,  New Shilling
March 2014,  Hanneke Cassel
March 2014,  Katie McNally with Ryan McKasson and Neil Pearlman
April 2014,  Hanz Araki with Cary Novotny
April 2014,  Leonard Barry with Johnny B Connolly
May 2014,  Grainne Hambly and William Jackson
May 2014,  Eliot Grasso with Glen Waddell
May 2014,  Hanz Araki, Cary Novotny and Colleen Raney
August 2014,  John Blake and Ruaírí McGorman
August 2014,  Noel Hill
August 2014,  Rio con Brio
October 2014,  Molly’s Revenge
November 2014,   Hanz Araki
November 2014,  Laurence Nugent and Cary Novotny
December 2014,  Kathryn Claire, Zak Borden, Allen Hunter and Don Henson
January 2015,  Stumptown Swing
February 2015,  Jim Malcolm
March 2015,  The Katie McNally Band
April 2015,  Leonard Barry and Johnny B Connolly
April 2015,   Little Black Train
April 2015,  Alba’s Edge
May 2015,   CRUMAC
May 2015,  Syncopaths
May 2015,  Stumptown Swing
June 2015,  Steph Geremia and Alan Kelly
October 2015,  Na Rosai
October 2015,   David Power
October 2015,   Winifred Horan, Johnny B Connolly and Cary Novotny
November 2015,  Mary Flower and the BBQ Boys
December 2015,  The Gothard Sisters
January 2016,  Kathryn Claire, Don Henson, Allen Hunter and Zak Borden
February 2016,  Kathy Boyd and Phoenix Rising
March 2016,  Teada
March 2016,  New Shilling
April 2016,  Mbrascatu
April 2016,  Tim Connell, Marla Fibish, Kieran Jordan and Bruce Victor
April 2016,  Dreos
May 2016,  The Djangophiles
June 2016,  Tommy McCarthy and Family
July 2016,  Colin Farrell, Johnny B Connolly and Cary Novotny
September 2016,   Tannahill Weavers
October 2016,   CRUMAC
October 2016,   The Gothard Sisters
October 2016,   Laurence Nugent and Cary Novotny
November 2016,   Stumptown Swing
December 2016,   Irish Christmas in America
December 2016,     Kathryn Claire
January 2017,     Kathy Boyd and Phoenix Rising
February 2017,     DAIMH
February 2017,     Frankie Gavin
March 2017,     Cal Scott
March 2017,     Barrule
April 2017,     Dreos
May 2017,     Alan Reid and Rob van Sante