Classes and Ceilis

Come see why our friends are smiling and having fun at the Thursday night ceili classes (year round except Thanksgiving and when we are in Ireland) that I teach, or a ceili on the First Friday (Oct-May) in Tualatin my wife Anne and I organize!

Here’s a youtube of the Siege of Ennis at one of our ceili’s with live music

Winds of Donegal Thursday night class – Class is structured toward adults, young and older! #andaire #oregonirishdanceacademy #murrayschool #brimhallacademyofirishdance #irishdance #portland #yeatesacademy

7-8:30 Winona Grange #271, 8340 SW Seneca St, Tualatin.
Drop-in class, beginners are always welcomed. No air conditioning, but plenty of fans, wear lighter clothes to be more comfortable and bring your water bottles to re-hydrate often! Please refrain from heavy perfumes, etc. Every Thursday night except foul weather and Thanksgiving. Mature teenagers are welcome at 12 and older, $10, 503-819-2689

1st Friday ceili mor, the big dance, October – May

8-11pm Winona Grange #271, 8340 SW Seneca St, Tualatin.
The fun begins after the sound check at 7:30pm. All dances are taught and called as we dance until 11pm.
13 and older please.
No experience or partner required, just folks that want to enjoy an evening of music (yes, you may attend and just enjoy the music) and dance.
$10 all this year as we get back together!
*This is instructed but not a dance class, all children expecting to dance should be able to follow directions and have an adult watching them at all times.*

Enjoying the dance at the Grange

Some of the past artists at the 2nd Saturday Community concert

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