RE: Alaska Cruise 2014

Hi Sam,

Margie and I want to thank you and Anne for being a part of the Celtic Cruise. You brought so much to the cruise and everyone seemed to love either dancing themselves or watching the dancing. It was very cool! And how about the Irish group. What a wonderful trip.

We are preparing for the next one now and we’re thinking 2015 – after all we’re not getting any younger. Let us know any input you have from having participated as a teacher and and a participant. And let us know if this is something you would like to do again, It was great seeing the other side of Sam Keator, the concert promoter.

Lots of love,

Paul & Margie

Paul Espinoza
Golden Bough

RE: February 2010

Your ceili class is full of a great bunch of people. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that everyone was so kind and welcoming to my aunt Sally. Not that I would expect otherwise because they are just good people at heart. But she means the world to me so it is really nice to be able to bring her to class and know she is in a group that is full of support and positive spirit. Which, to bring my point around full circle, is due in no small part to you as teacher. You set the tone and create an environment that is just a lot of fun to be in. Thank you Sam 🙂
~ Carin

Re: ceili, Tir Eoghain, Samhain 2009

Thanks Sam! We all had a great time. It was wonderful to have a night of dancing after a VERY long week. My friend Thora and I are both new elementary teachers, and seem to constantly be swamped with work, so we need to let loose and have fun when we can find the energy. Thanks for putting on such a great night of dance, and I hope we can ceili again soon!

~ Olivia Farrell

From David Frederick in reference to his lovely brides birthday celebration at the First Friday Ceili in Tualatin:

“Long ago, Sam Keator was a young, strapping Irish lad, flowing with golden locks, wandering lost in the countryside. He rounded a hill and came upon a troup of Tuatha De Danann, dancing a sunny set of jigs and reels to herald in the coming of spring. “Dance with us!” they cried, pulling him into the set, and he spun with them, faster and faster, back and forth, over and under, until the hillsides disappeared, the heather and the moor, and there was nothing left beyond them but the clear blue sky.

At first Sam just smiled and moved his feet, letting the fairfolk lead him along & tell him what to do. As he danced, however, for hours, then days, weeks, and then years, he began to learn the patterns of the dance. He learned the steps of the seasons, “The Haymaker’s Jig” and the “Sweets of May.” He learned even to imitate the movements of the ocean — “The Waves of Torrey” — and the flicker of flame –“The Bonfire.” In time he himself became a dancing master, an instructor in the ways of social dance, worthy of certification by An CoimisiĂşn le RincĂ­ Gaelacha — the Irish Dancing Commision of Dublin, Ireland.

When the fairies finally released Sam from their circle, hundreds of years had passed. He is no longer a young Irish lad — though he is still strapping. Yes, he still straps. His long, golden locks have turned a brilliant white — evidence, no doubt of the touch of the De Danann upon him. Still, he dearly loves the dance, and he teaches it up and down the north Pacific coastline to all who are willing to try.

Please join Jenn Frederick at one of Sam’s dances as she celebrates her own 29th birthday. The pre-dance lesson starts at 7:00; we’ll gather at the Frederick duplex at 5:30 for treats, and we’ll leave at 6:30 sharp, if you would like to carpool. If not, meet us at 7:00 at the Winona Grange #271, 8340 SW Seneca St. in Tualatin for an evening of Irish blarney and magical dances, straight from Eireann’s mythological past to you.”
April 3rd Ceili 2009

Hi Sam (and Anne),
I love your class, but unfortunately I moved back to Maryland on September 29th. I should be back in December and January for about three weeks, so hopefully I can come back to the classes then and also make a ceili as well. Thank you so much. You are a great teacher.
You made it really fun. I hope you had fun in Ireland. Please continue to send me emails. I enjoyed looking at the photos from the last ceili!

Anne Marie Moneta 2008 October 10

…And I don’t know what you ever heard when the changing of the PCS boards was going on, but everyone who wanted to come on expected that you, of all people, would want to stay on. (Because you were so involved…) But now that we see how the board works, it seems pretty evident to me that you were doing a ton of the work–maybe you got fed up with doing all of it. (Well, and now your own space is ready to go.) There are now committees trying to share the work loads, and really, PCS would do well to form member committees and spread much more of the work around.

Anyway, hope you all had fun today,
Nancy Jarrell 2008 January 26

Sam, let me say that the amount of energy you’ve put into the Ceili is phenomonal. You’ve brought more people to the ceili than anyone in the past. You are a good spokesman for the ceili and a good caller. Your ceilis are fun, fast paced and lively. (I even suspend my aversion to your version of set dances as soon the music starts) …because the music is so good.

Phil Meehan, 2006/August 16

Hi Sam,
Just wanted to tell you how much Yahdi enjoyed the Monday night class. She had a great time and was so pleased she was allowed to be in the 16 hand reel as I had told her about the larger group dances before. When I came home from work on Tuesday I found her in the living room working on her sevens and threes. She wants to be ready for class next time she visits!

Thanks again for leading such a great class.
See you on Monday.

Great job at the ceili last night, Sam! You have truly found your calling (I know it’s a pun, but it’s true).

You have a charisma and a talent for this – and we’re all richer for it.

So glad you crossed that street and decided to learn a jig to relieve stress!

Hi to Annie,
Linda Miller

Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2007 9:32 AM
To: Sam Keator
Subject: Re: Thanks and Happy Birthday again

Hey Sam:
It was an incredible weekend. I am still shaking me head that those three, Johnny, Hanz and Cary were playing for my birthday – unbelievable. I listen to Johnny’s CDs all the time. Thanks for doing your usual outstanding job calling and making everyone feel comfortable. Tell Anne thanks for joining the celebration. I had so much fun – including dancing with my own (sister) Annie.

Jack Kenny


February 2008 Dear Sam,We are so glad that bandleader Martin Nyberg recommended you to come and lead the dancing at our wedding reception in February. After our first dance, a slow waltz, you came out on the floor and invited my mother to join you to learn some Irish dance steps. The band struck up a reel, and suddenly the floor was filled with family and friends as you and my mom stepped out! You kept everyone going until our limo was at the door. Even the catering staff and our wedding coordinator were out dancing! You were definitely a hit at our wedding – my mom has heard from many of her friends about the great time they had – and we want to thank you for making it special and memorable for us and for our guests. Your enthusiasm, friendly manner, energy and expertise make it apparent that you love what you do, and we wish you continued success. To anyone who is considering an Irish ceili for their wedding reception, we have two words: GET SAM!Susan and Alvin MullinsP.S. If you would like some pictures to use on your website, please feel free to copy them from our website, here: http://www.alvinandsusan.com/Site/Our_Wedding_Photos.html Scroll to the bottom and click on “The Ceili”. There are some great ones of you leading the dancers!

Sam, Just a short note to express my gratitude for an my satisfaction with the dance music that you and the boys played for my daughters wedding! The spirit that you brought was absolutely energizing. I think that your leadership got everybody, that was able, dancing. Everyone seemed to have fun, even those few that were too old to dance. Since the Wedding, I have told numerous people how most everyone was dancing. They seemed surprised that a wedding could see so many dancing. Your style and energy appealed to all. Again, Thanks! Tim Jones father of the bride

I cannot thank you enough for the great job you did at our wedding. Keith and I are still basking in the afterglow. My hope for our wedding was that it would be a fun and relaxing time for our friends and family, and you definately made that happen. You were great! You made the whole night. Thank you so much. Shaleah Jones

Hi Sam – I will definitely relay your message to Jill DeNike. She was simply another happy dancer at Neil’s and my wedding. She has done quite a bit of dancing in her life, different types where callers were involved, and she said you were the easiest caller to follow that she’s experienced. In short Sam – everyone loved you and I wouldn’t be surprised if more people come knocking at your door. 🙂 Hope you are enjoying your summer and hopefully Neil and I can catch you at a ceili sometime soon. – Karen What can I say, other than that you are charming !

Hi Sam- Great Prediction (see below!) I am finally getting a chance to take a small dent into my emails. Ryan and I enjoyed 5 days away on Vancouver Island and are now back to school. A long the lines of your prediction, I think everyone did have a wonderful time. You, Brendan and the band added a special element to the evening, which both Ryan and I are grateful and thankful for your work. We hope you had as much fun as we did. I am the one this time to have to apolygize for not being able to thank you all before you left. If you are ever in need of a recommendation, (don’t think you would needone,) we would be more than happy to recommend you. Hope your wedding plans and the day are well enjoyed and special for you guys. Best Wishes, Heidi and Ryan  

  Hello from the past!! I hope you will remember me – …. I’m all grown up now and getting married to a lovely man …. (can’t beat Irish stock!) and we’re planning to have our wedding reception ….. We’d just love to have an Irish band and live ceili at our reception, and I have great memories if how much fun ceilies were when you called them, so I’d be thrilled if you could help us make this happen.